My closest friends and I are all enormous Pink Floyd fans. We all have fairly different musical tastes, but the Floyd is the one band that brings us all together. A couple of years ago, my mom told me that there was going to be a Pink Floyd tribute concert by a group called “The Fabulous Armadillos” who were based out of St. Cloud.

My buddy and I decided to check it out. We arrived at the Paramount Theatre in St. Cloud, prepared to purchase our tickets. When we approached the admission window we were informed that the show was sold out. Needless to say, we were pretty bummed.

We exited the theatre prepared to feel sorry for ourselves for the remainder of the evening, when all of a sudden a middle aged gentleman approached us asking if we needed tickets. He sold us 2 floor tickets at regular price, and they were easily the best seats in the entire theatre. My buddy and I were in shock at our luck.

Then the concert started, and not only did they play every single one of my favorite Pink Floyd tunes, they were by far the best sounding live band I’ve ever heard in my life. My friend and I still reminisce about that night on a regular basis. The entire experience was rather synchronistic and to this day, it was one of the greatest evenings of my life.

After that performance, I fell in love with The Fabulous Armadillos. They’re so mesmerizing that I’ll take up any opportunity I can to see them play. I’m pretty excited that they’re set to perform at Pioneer Place April 2nd – 5th and April 9th -12th. They’ll be playing songs from the singer/songwriter genre this time around, including tunes by Tom Petty, Billy Joel, and Bruce Springsteen. Showtimes for all the dates above are at 7:30 p.m. and tickets are on sale now for only $37 a piece.

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