Well, this is about time... it is a step in the right direction.  Countless numbers of people have been trying the benefits of CBD oil for anxiety, sleep aid and for pain relief mostly in the joints.

(Chrissy Gaetke, WJON)

Before, there was no approval for this as any sort of pain reliever, but  now the arthritis foundation has released some guidelines for people who do want to try CBD for pain relief.  This is really the first time anything like this has come out... it may be a step towards more federal regulation.

There hasn't been any actual PROVEN scientific evidence.  So this has been a slow go.  The Arthritis Foundation does say, that if this is working for you, you should keep using it.  But they also say that they shouldn't abandon their medications that have been prescribed, and only use the CBD oil and creams as extra help for pain relief.  They are offering guidelines as to how to use it.

The Arthritis Foundation surveyed more than 2,600 patients, finding that nearly 80 percent are either currently using CBD, have used it, or are considering it for their joint pain.

The group admits any evidence showing CBD might be an effective pain reliever is anecdotal, and encourages more scientific research needed to prove safety and efficacy.

Until those studies are completed, the Foundation suggests people who want to try CBD start slowly with the lowest dose, and track symptoms over time.

Have you used it?  Does it work for you?