Minnesota seems to have pretty strict laws when it comes to what kind of fireworks you can legally use.  Surrounding states are much more liberal when it comes to how big of a boom you can make.

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As a kid  growing up in North Dakota, we could ride our bikes just out of town and buy an arsenal of explosives. Zebras, Black Cats were some of the bigger firecrackers and Lady Fingers were for the meek. Back then they even sold Cherry Bombs, which let out a big boom. Many mailboxes fell to the Cherry Bomb.

In South Dakota, I think you can get just about anything short of a grenade launcher, including M80's.  An M80 is roughly equivalent to a quarter stick of dynamite.

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I knew a guy in my hometown who was riding around with a friend throwing throwing M80's out the car window. He lit one and attempted to toss it out the window. Well, it hit the side of the window, bounced back into the car. He picked it up and before he could get it out the window, it went off. Unfortunately, he lost his entire hand.

Wisconsin is more liberal on fireworks than Minnesota also. You can tell by all the firework stands just across the border.

What's legal to light off in Minnesota on the 4th of July?  Not much!  If it has any kind of entertainment value, chances are it's not legal here. Here's what is legal;

Those cones and tubes that shoot out sparks


Novelty stuff like snakes and party poppers (snore)

What's not allowed?  Firecrackers, Bottle Rockets, Missiles type stuff, Roman Candles and, of course, Mortars and Shells.

Whatever you are using this 4th, be safe and come back with all your parts.




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