The news broke yesterday (April 1) that Ashton Kutcher has signed on to play Apple co-founder Steve Jobs in a biopic. Seriously?! I was really hoping this was an April Fools joke, but apparently it isn't. When I read the headline of this story I was shocked that out of all the talent in Hollywood, they go with Ashton Kutcher, but it's clear after reading the full story I'm not the only one doubting Kutcher's ability.

Not a single studio was willing to pick this film up, so it is being rush-released as an independent film. Thank God! For a minute I was terrified everyone in Hollywood was losing their minds.

I don't know who thought doing this film was a good idea knowing that Sony Pictures is already making a big-budget movie about Steve Jobs. Which is exactly why this indie version is being rushed, they know that a low budget film starring Ashton Kutcher won't stand up against the Sony Picture version.

The Sony version has credibility because it's  based on the bestselling book about Jobs that was written by Walter Issacson. Walter wrote the book after being contacted by Jobs to do so. At first Walter turned the project down, telling Jobs he wasn't interested, and wouldn't be until the genius retired - that was in 2004. It didn't take long for Walter to get wind of Jobs recent diagnosis with pancreatic cancer, he immediately changed his mind on the book project. The book was originally set to come out this month, but was bumped to October 2011, 2 weeks after Jobs lost his battle with cancer.

Shooting for the indie version with Ashton Kutcher will begin next month after 'Two and a Half Men' wraps for the season. Unless someone get's a clue and hires someone else - I can only hope. Don't get me wrong, I like Ashton when he is working in his element, he's great at comedic television, and...and...yeah just comedic television.