Let's face it, comedy is a tough business. Johnny Umf has been at it for years and not only is he not moving forward, he seems to be sliding in reverse. Recently, we added a laugh track for Johnny's joke, after reading that subconsciously people think the joke is funnier.

My wife listens every Friday for Johnny Umf's latest attempt at a joke and is by far Johnny's biggest fan. She makes it a point to shower Johnny with praise and encouragement. It's gotten to the point of Johnny not caring what anyone thinks of his joke, except my wife.


I think it's painfully obvious that Johnny is always looking for good jokes for his Friday morning segment on the Loon. Feel free to email me any good jokes you may run across and I will forward them off to Johnny Umf.  Email me your jokes at baxter@1037theloon.com

Heeeeerrrre's Johnny

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