Outside of Friday's mini heat wave with a high of 85 degrees, temperatures have been pretty mild so far this late spring/early summer in Minnesota. However, that hasn't stopped my wife from already running the air conditioner 24/7.

I personally am fine just using fans and open windows until the indoor temperature of my house hits 85 or more. I naturally run pretty cold so I can tolerate a higher temperature I guess.

Someone on r/Minnesota asked Redditors when they wave the white flag and turn on the air conditioner.

Poll: How hot does it have to be inside your home before you turn on your AC?
byu/misfitmpls inminnesota

The informal survey seems to find that more Minnesotans are like me in holding out until the temperature becomes unbearable.


It’s 79° in my house right now, but I love having the windows open, hearing the birds, feeling the breeze, etc—- so I’m holding out. Plus, it’s going to get cool again this week.


Same! I love windows open and breezes. If it gets warmish (+80's) I use fans. I actually hate air conditioning, it makes me feel sick and headachy.


... I love fresh air from in my house. There aren’t many days between 65-70 each year. I usually wait till 80 for AC. When it’s in the 70s it cools down quick in the evenings so sleeping isn’t a problem.


I’m sitting at 74 right now and I feel I’m still a ways from my threshold. Looks a little cooler this next week too so def holding off until after that. I reckon 80?

However, there are some users who have already been using the air this season.


Anything above 70 - life is meant to be enjoyed, there are plenty of other places to save money.


Same. I’ve got a 1911 stucco house. I don’t mind the heat during the day, but can’t sleep when it’s hot. And once those thick walls build up the heat you’re not cooling it off to go to bed. Gotta preemptively cool it.

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