Yes, it's a coffee junkie's dream. Especially if you are tired of $100 or more for your monthly coffee fix. This adds up to a pretty tidy sum of cash. Cash you could use for a nice vacation or a multitude of other things.

Panera Bread is giving you a great new subscription coffee deal. Unlimited coffee for $8.99 a month. That's like the price of 2 cups at your other coffee stops.

With your MyPanera Coffee Subscription you'll get unlimited coffee for the price of 4 cups. Do the math, that's 30 cents a day for any size, any flavor. Maybe you want a light roast, a dark roast, hazelnut, iced coffee, decaf or hot tea, it's all included in your subscription price of $8.99 a month.

According to Panera, you can order a new cup coffee every 2 hours or take advantage of unlimited refills while you're in the cafe.

Subscribe today at Panera or using this link


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