STARBUCK - Multiple counties around Minnesota are warning businesses about a scam artist.

The Starbuck Police Department says it took several reports Thursday about a scammer that is attempting to sell advertising for the local business where he offers to put coupons on the back of business receipts. The man says it will cost $25 per month or $300 a year. Polk County Sheriff's officials say if you sign up and write him a check the man skips town.

Authorities says the man's name is Ethan Kogutkiewicz. He is white, with dark hair. Authorities says Kogutkiewicz is around 6'2" and about 200-220 pounds. He drives a silver Buick Lucerne and hands out business cards saying he works for EK Tapes.

The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension says if any business has contact with Kogutkiewicz to call the police.

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