After 6 years of absence, nothing's changed!

This past Sunday, I went to the Great Minnesota Get Together after not going for a few years (6 to be exact!) The last time I went I was 20 years old, and it was hilarious for me to notice that the vendors, and their locations, did not change one bit! This time I went with my sister Jill, her boyfriend Terry, and my very own main squeeze Dustin.

Ava Lynn, Townsquare Media
Ava Lynn, Townsquare Media

I guess that's something you can count on though with the Minnesota State Fair - familiarity. You know where to go to get the best food, music, entertainment, and most importantly where the bathrooms are.

Of course, when people go to the fair, they eat as much food as possible. And us four did some serious feasting! Going to the Minnesota State Fair with a group of people is the best idea. That way you can all share! Here is a list of everything we tried:

  1. Chicken on a stick
  2. Minneapple Pie with 2 scoops of cinnamon ice cream
  3. Pronto Pups
  4. Deep Fried Milky Way, Snickers and Reese's
  5. Pork chop on a stick
  6. Fried veggie fries
  7. German root beer floats
  8. Turkey leg
  9. Probably more that I can't even remember!

I was the most excited to try the new Strawberry Donut Delight, and we actually found it! It was just as good as we imagined.

Ava Lynn, Townsquare Media
Ava Lynn, Townsquare Media

After everything was said, done and eaten, we spent 4 hours at the Minnesota State Fair. It was hot, packed, and a little weird - but it was a great fair experience! Of course, it was the great company that I had which made it a memorable day!