Take note #BenAffleck - the bar has just been raised.

After much research (HOURS AND HOURS), I've come to the conclusion that being a father just isn't good enough unless you have a Batman mask and a Vine account. This latest spin on Batman is brought to us by Blake Wilson, who has taken it upon himself to be a different kind of superhero, Dad, with a little Batman sensibility thrown in.

As BatDad, not only does he dispense timely and pertinent fatherly advice, he does it with the obligatory Christian Bale voice and over worked lip movements. Best of all, Blake has traded the Batmobile in for a mini-van and exchanged Robin for his son Ben, who hilariously apes his Dad's vocal delivery in several clips. But wait, there's more, he even harasses his wife as BatDad, which turn out to be the funniest moments IMHO.