Poor Baxter.  When he was 4 or 5... he thinks probably 5, he had a double hernia operation.  Pretty scary for a little kid, right?  While he was in the hospital, someone brought him a fireman's hat to cheer him up.

Photo: laura bradshaw 1037theloon.com

Baxter went into surgery and left his hat in his room.  This was not a private room, and there was another little boy in the bed next to him.  Unfortunately this little boy died.  And while Baxter was in surgery, the family of the other little boy came into the room to gather his things.  But they took his fireman's hat!  Might have been a bit unfeeling to call the family and tell them that they had taken his hat and it wasn't their dead child's hat.  Not a good idea... probably.

So, last night I had the opportunity to visit with the Cold Spring Fire Department.  What a bunch of really nice people!  I saw some hats sitting on a shelf and asked if I could have one.  I told them the story from Baxter's childhood, and they gave me not one, but 3 hats to give him.  All different colors.  I like the pink one the best.  Baxter said it's the one that he'll wear out "clubbin".  Ha!  Like he goes out.

Fireman hats
Laura Bradshaw/1037theloon.com

Anyway, thank you very much to Matt and the rest of the Cold Spring Fire Department!  You made Baxter's day.