Sunday is Baxter's birthday.  So unbeknownst to him, his lovely wife Judy enlisted the help of Johnny U and myself  to give him an early birthday "gift".  This gift was in the form of Bonnie the Barfly.  She was awesome!

It was mission accomplished as we attempted to make Baxter feel completely uncomfortable.

Now that Baxter's wife Judy did this and was super sneaky when she did it (way to go Judy-btw) Baxter thinks it's her turn to have something happen.  Hmmm where do you think this is going to go?  SORRY!!  Well, whatever he decided to do to return the "favor" I hope he films it so there is evidence.

Baxter- balloons

These are the balloons that Bonnie brought in for him.  He's hiding his face in shame.

If you would like to hire Bonnie yourself for any party-- or other characters she does-- all the info is right here.


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