ThinkStockYou'll find throughout your relationship that she may pose what seems to be an innocent question. It is of the utmost importance that you do not speak without thinking first. The wrong, off the cuff, response could be dangerous, if not lethal. Below are some examples;
One of the most dangerous questions she might pose is "What are you thinking about?" Remember, think before you speak! An incorrect answer would be "Your sister". A safer response would be along the lines of "How lucky I am to have found you". I know, kind of corny but remember, our goal is your survival.
Other examples;
"How many lovers did you have before me?" A wrong answer to this would be "OMG, I have no idea" Substituting something along the lines of "After meeting you I realized, in reality, none."
"Does my butt look big?' Wrong response to this would be "Compared to what?"
"If I died, would you marry again?" Incorrect response "Do I look stupid?"
Anyway, you get the idea and I hope I have helped you, in some small way, to survive and thrive.
Disclaimer: Baxter's Substandard Advice is just that, substandard. Proceed with caution.


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