Well, it's that time of year again. It seemed like we may have had to wait for the ice to go out but Mother Nature rallied just in time for the opening date. Funny, how it's usually Mother's Day weekend that they decided to have the opener. I remember many years ago the fishing opener was a huge party weekend.  Not sure there was a whole lot of fishing going on. Mostly fishing for a couple Advil in the morning. The last twenty years or so, I've mostly kept my fishing to the dock. The lake our cabin is on has a nice drop  off to about forty feet just twenty feet off the end of our dock. Perfect for fishing without the hassle of getting the boat all loaded up. To me, fishing was always a good excuse to do almost nothing. If you sit on the dock all day,.you are doing nothing. Put a fishing rod in your hand and "bam" you're fishing. Funny how that works. Here's a video from Elvin Bishop to get you in the mood for opening  weekend.

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