Here at Townsquare we have six station pretty much covering the radio gambit. Every year we solicit a new batch of college interns. Mostly students that aspire to be in broadcasting. This morning Haley the Intern was assigned to sit in on the Loon Morning Show. I'm sure she was warned that I was a "problem child". Haley sat right next to me and seemed interested in learning as much as she could about the ins and outs of running the controls and making sure things are on time. Personally, I think Haley should pursue television. She is far to good looking to be in radio, right. Anyway, it was really great having Haley the Intern sit in this morning. Unfortunately, we weren't allowed to let Haley speak on air because a former intern did some "sailor talk" last year and since then they mad a rule around here about letting interns on the air. We wish Haley all the luck in the world in her pursuit of a career in broadcasting.


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