My lovely wife,Judy, has what I refer to as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), or what she calls just being prepared for almost anything. I have many stories about how amazing this can be sometimes. If i use the last of the jelly, I now know that there are one or two more in the pantry. once i was making milkshakes for the kids at the lake and the blender decided to start leaking. I was just about to announce that there would be no milkshakes to


night, when my wife came in with a brand new blender she just happened to have in the trunk of her car. My favorite story is when we were working on our basement sump pump. It looked grim and my step son and I decided the pump was toast and we'd have to go pick up a new one. My wife came around the corner with a new sump pump still in the box she just happened to have in the garage. Does anyone else have a spice cabinet where the spices are all labeled and in alphabetical order? Just curious.

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