Laura sure looks excited to be working with me, huh? Morning show combos make for a complicated relationship. Laura and I started working together in 2000 and lasted for roughly nine years before she took off to explore other radio stations. I know, what a tramp, right?  Anyway, I left in 2013 after working with a few different morning show partners. When I decided to come back in 2016 I made a case for putting the show back together with Laura. She was working in Rochester after spending time at stations in Fargo and Green Bay. After a few talks we got Laura to come back to the Loon. If you listen in the morning, you know that Laura and I are rarely on the same page about any subject. I confess, that even if we are on the same page on something, I'll pretend not to be just to kind of irritate her. I guess that's my hobby during the morning show is to irritate Laura. The fact that we argue a lot makes us seem like and old married couple,. you know, always arguing and no sex. If you haven't listened to the morning show, give it a try and if you do listen, tell a friend.

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