Don't get me wrong, I love the radio business. I've been doing this job for over 35 years now. I do appreciate the new age of radio, computers and such. But there was a certain purity of radio when I started out that made it extra special. First of all, owners didn't have clusters of radio stations in any market. You were allowed to own one AM station and one FM. This kept the employees, especially those on air, a tight knit group. I made many friends and a whole lot of great memories in this business. I got to meet a lot of famous people, mostly musicians and it all seemed such an everyday experience. When I worked nights in Orlando, I was the only person in the entire building. We used to have parties in the control room. The fact that we were right across the street from the world famous Booby Trap, a strip club made it even more interesting. But that's a story for another time. Seeing as my retirement plan in grossly unrealistic, I'm sure I'll drop dead behind the mic. I just hope it's not anytime soon.

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