Always good to have Up and Slightly Adam stop by the Loon studio on Thursday mornings to let us know about the new releases for the weekend. I call him Up and Slightly Adam because Adam is not really a morning person, being in the movie business (sort of) and all. First up for releases this weekend is "Ready Flare One", a Steven Spielberg film dealing with a futuristic place called the Oasis. When the ruler of Oasis dies he leaves behind a challenge for control of Oasis. Everyone from the government to crime organizations try to gain control of Oasis.  Next is "Acromoni". This is one of those age old movies about a wife who's husband cheats on her and treats her badly. They end up getting a divorce and she seeks revenge. You know the saying "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned". And finally, "God's Not Dead. A church on a college campus burns down and the college sees this as a chance to rid the campus of the church. Church members use their faith to try and overcome. .

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