I suppose when this bear settled in for the Winter, he never imagined his favorite mall would be closed when he woke up in the Spring.


I'm guessing he woke up with a powerful appetite and headed to Noodles located at Miller Hill Mall in Duluth.  Bear sightings are pretty common in Minnesota but I rarely (never) see one hanging at the mall.  Perhaps he felt it was safe due to the lack of activity at the closed down mall.


He must have grumbled a "WTF" when he arrived to find the place all locked up. Not only was he probably hungry but was also planning on picking up some "bear essentials" (sorry) in the mall.

Mall security, Ryan Carlson, spotted this rather chunky bear loitering around the mall door early Wednesday morning.Ryan's friend, Katie Alticher Kaz, named the bear "Noodles" and posted the story on Facebook. Late last night, it had already been shared 2400 times.

The theory is he smelled some good food from the mall's restaurants, that are doing curbside service during "social distancing".

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