Take this from someone who loves to cook..OMG, Beer Can Chicken is so mouth watering it will take your breath away. The idea behind the secret is to preserve the juices within the chicken. As any alcohol used to cook with whether it be wine or in this case beer the alcohol evaporates, yet the meat stays juicy and is so full of flavor you'll want to eat the whole bird yourself. A very easy grill friendly recipe to use.

Might even think about grilling some asparagus as a side. A great side to serve with the chicken if you spray a little olive oil on the asparagus and then sprinkle some sea salt and Jalapeno pepper shake . Wow what a meal and serve with your favorite beverage. One can of beer (any beer will work so if you have a favorite beer go for it) in the fridge can be a blessing in disguise. The following link will send you to a delicious beer can chicken recipe.

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