Takes all kinds for this world to go around.  And some people feel like they need to not just double fist.. but maybe even quadruple fist.

Laura Bradshaw 1037theloon.com
Laura Bradshaw

Maybe this is how you Moondance.  She has a beer in each hand, and then one in each back pocket.  She was so proud.  turning around and showing everyone her very clever move.  All I could think was... you know that they aren't going to run out of beer, right?  Well, I suppose that COULD happen.  But highly unlikely.  Plus, your beer is more than likely going to get warm fast, carrying it in this fashion.

But maybe she knows things that I don't.  Maybe this is the new way to make sure you have enough beer at ALL TIMES.  Maybe she is the smart one, and I'm just needing to get on board with this great idea.

Nawww....  she could just go back and get 2 more when she's ready.  More from Moondance to come soon!

laura Bradshaw 1037theloon.com
laura Bradshaw

Oh- and these guys performed last night.  Def Leggend.  They are very good.  Next time they are in St. Cloud I would plan on checking them out.  Oh- and side note, the lead singer could also double as Tom Petty.  Maybe he should work on his "Petty" accent.


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