I admit, that when my hair started to flee my head, I went through a brief period of depression. It would almost have been better if my hair had gone all at once instead of seeing it, slowly but surely, fall out of my previously plush hairy melon.

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But as time went on and I got accustomed to my shiny head, I started to see the positive things about not having hair. First, i convinced myself that losing my hair was just nature's way of telling me I was getting too good looking. There was also the argument that being bald just meant I was more evolved.

Here are just a few positives about losing your hair;

1. Never have to buy shampoo or any other hair care products

2. Weeds out the shallow women

3. Shorter showers when hair washing not necessary

4. No "bed head" after a nap

5. No more "hat head"

6. Head stays cool in the Summer

7. My wife likes my bald coconut

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