This cannot be a surprise to anyone.  Although there could be an argument made for the Browns.  That team is terrible.  But I think the problem comes in when we have had Super Bowl quality teams several times and just can't seem to pull it together and get there and win.  Heck, even getting there at this point would be a great deal.  The choking Vikings.

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Last year, in my opinion, was the most disappointing in recent years.  I've heard so many people say- there ya go, true Vikings fashion, choking again.  And yes, we have had to deal with that so many times.  But this past year was especially disappointing.  After the Minneapolis Miracle with Stefan Diggs, then we completely S*** the bed against the Eagles.  AND we could have made history being the first team to actually play the SB on our own home field.  Yes, I know the California teams doing that- sort of, but not actually on their own field.  Vikings would have been the first.

Photo Courtesy of Emily Thiede

I've heard many people making comments about this team this year.  Again, we enter with hope, we enter with pride, and we also enter the season with a feeling of "I really hope this is the year" as we do every year we have a team like this.

Well, here's to the 2018 Vikings season....GO VIKES!!!