The planetarium.  This was one of my favorite classes when I was in college.  The downside was that I had the class at like 8 or 9am.  We always sat in the same seats, and this dude who sat next to me fell asleep... Every. Day.  It really was kind of funny. This is a class that you should probably have in the early afternoon, or something.  You're tired, it's early morning, and you are sitting in a reclined chair in the dark.  Not a great combination.  But I like it.


Now, after quite awhile of being closed, the Bell Museum and Planetarium  which is located on Larpenteur Avenue in St. Paul, is able to reopen.

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They  do have some specific showtimes, and you do need to have tickets in advance with a timed entry.  This is to make sure social distance protocols will be carried out.  Masks will also be required at all times.

They also are including  2 different shows, and they are both 30 minutes long.  One is called "Out of this World" and the other is "Minnesota Night Skies". And apparently you can book a special event "under the stars" as well.  How would you like to have your wedding at a planetarium?  I hadn't thought of that before, but it could  be pretty cool.

Whatever you decide to do, taking a little trip to the planetarium is a fun and educational little adventure.

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