With the Oscars coming up in a couple of weeks, I started thinking about what would be best picture.  My three favorites are A Star Is Born, Green Book and Bohemian Rhapsody.  There are a couple others that are nominated, but these 3 are my favorite ones.

Queen biopic Bohemian Rhapsody
Twentieth Century Fox

So, looking back through the years, I wanted to know what movies didn't make it that people thought probably would.  Like they basically came in second place.  Some of them really stick out.  Like the year Gone With The Wind and The Wizard of Oz came out- yes.  Same year.  That one would have been a toughy.  Mostly because of the innovation of The Wizard of Oz.  I'm not sure the acting was better than Gone With The Wind, but it was definitely innovative for it's time. 1939.  Crazy, right?


What's your favorite to win this year?  Best Picture, Best Actor/Actress and Best Supporting Actor/Actress are really the only awards I care about during the Oscars.  How about you?

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