I give thanks every day for growing up, and I use that term loosely, when I did. I actually feel kind of sorry for the kids today growing up in this mess of a world.

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I was a kid in much simpler times. No cell phones, no computers, no internet, no cable TV and a world that didn't seem so dangerous.

Cell phones would have totally ruined my teen years. The ability for my parents to get in touch with me anywhere and anytime would have really disrupted my "have fun" agenda. We were pretty much out of control, unsupervised kids just having fun.

We did a lot of stupid things, all in the name of fun, but guess what? No record of it anywhere, thanks to the absence of cell phone cameras.

I cringe when I hear the term "play date".  So sad parents now have to make an appointment for their kids to go play with another kid. My parents just booted my butt out the door with orders to come back at some point.

Maybe the world just wasn't that dangerous back then. No seat belts, no bike helmets. I can't remember even one kid that was seriously injured riding a bike.

I am from the "Baby Boomer" generation. Maybe there were just so many of us, it didn't matter if we lost a few here or there.  Who knows.

I do know this, 50's and 60's were the best time to be a kid. .

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