THAT voice. It's not Joe Buck or Troy Aikman, thankfully.

If you've watched a Super Bowl this century, you've heard that big, articulate voice. His professional name is Alan Roach, and he happens to be a graduate of Brainerd High School.

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His voice is known internationally, and not even just in the sports world: he's also one of the voices that makes announcements on the underground train system at Denver International Airport.

Minnesota football fans know him as the public address announcer at U.S. Bank Stadium for Vikings games. What's odd is that - while being the home team voice for Minnesota football - he's the public address announcer for the Colorado Avalanche, who are rivals of our Minnesota Wild. PICK A SIDE, ALAN.

And then he goes international, beyond an airport. Roach was the stadium voice for the 2019 MLB London series between the Red Sox and Yankees.

"That guy should be in video games, too". Funny I should mention that: Alan Roach has also been the stadium announcer in EA Sports' Madden NFL series.

Alan was born in the small Minnesota town of Slayton. His voice got its start in radio while still in high school. He got his start in public address announcing by accident: he was on vacation and was asked to fill-in for the regular announcer...who didn't get his job back.


The man is a god among public address announcers, including me. I still occasionally catch myself mimicking him during football games.

NFL Films produced a fantastic short documentary about the man.

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