He's a true American icon. Bill Murray has entertained the world for decades and actually has ties to Minnesota. He is part owner of the St Paul Saints baseball team.

Mike Marsland, Getty Images
Mike Marsland, Getty Images

We first were exposed to Murray on Saturday Night Live back in the 70's, You know, when SNL was actually funny. Before that he honed his craft with Second City in Chicago. Since then he's done countless comedies and even excelled in some dramas.

He, by all accounts, comes off as just your ordinary average guy. There are some great stories about Bill Murray just showing up at neighborhood parties or playing bartender in random bars.

My favorite Bill Murrray story is when he hailed a cab. During the ride he asked the cabby if he had another job. The cabby mentioned that he played saxophone in a band. Murray asked him if he had his saxophone with him. So happens the cabby had it in the trunk of the cab. Murray had him pull over, get his sax out of the trunk and sit in the backseat and play as Murray drove the cab. .

Happy 68th birthday, Bill and thanks for the laughs.

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