Even though we aren't all quarantined here in the U.S. yet, many people are opting to stay away from movie theaters, bars and eating establishments and spending their time at home. How does one pass the time?  Binge watching can pass the time.



Here's a list of binge worthy stuff.


"Love Is Blind"  1 season, 11 episodes. about 45 minutes each

"You"  2 seasons, 3 season, about 8 or 9 episodes each. :60 minutes

"Stranger Things" 3 seasons with 8 or 9 episodes each. 60 minutes




"Flea Bag"- 2 seasons, 6 episodes each :30 minutes

The Boys"- 1 season, 8 episodes, 60 minutes


"Queen Sugar"- 4 seasons, 13 episodes each. 40 minutes


"Mandalorian"- 1 season, 8 episodes. 30-45 minutes

"Diary of a Future President"- 1 season, 9 episodes, 30 minutes

CBS All Access

Not the most popular streaming service out there but you can't beat the price. 5.99 or 9.99 for commercial free

"Star Trek: Picard"

Enjoy, stay healthy and WASH your hands....

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