So, Johnny U comes in this morning, as he always does on Fridays for his bad joke Friday.  And like we have always said... it's always bad.  Today was particularly awful as Baxter told the same joke the day before.

But on the upside- now you can really see who tells a joke better.  Baxter or Johnny U.

He has another one as a spare.  Not nearly as good... but it was a nice recover.  Here is Baxter's version of the same joke from yesterday.

Even Baxter had to admit that Johnny U told the joke better.  But which JOKE was better?  The one that both of them told, or the one that Johnny U told second?  That one had to do with St. Patrick's Day.  I guess at least it's topical.  You can use that argument.

But let's be honest- they were both bad, and both versions were bad.  So we continue with Bad or even horrible joke Friday.


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