Imagine buying a house, rummaging through a shed on your new property...and finding dynamite.

Old dynamite. Dangerous-er-than-usual dynamite. Complete with blasting caps.

Blasting caps are detonators. They make the dynamite go BOOM.



That's a bit terrifying, and it didn't even happen in a movie. The dynamite was found on a property in Kimball (~20 miles south of St Cloud).

The man stayed cool about it. He took the unstable, old dynamite and buried it.

They can still go boom, of course.

Dynamite Outrages

Taco Bell: not even once...unless you've been there 100 times already (Getty Images)

Stearns County deputies decided to err on the side of caution and called the Minneapolis Bomb Squad.

Now it's officially a party!

The bomb squad safely detonated the old dynamite. There were no injuries or property damage. It worked out a LOT better than it could have.

What's the strangest thing that you've found with a newly-purchased/rented property? I was once cleaning out the garage rafters of a townhouse and found a creepy old doll. It was unnerving.

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