I have this vision of the NFL front office calling #4 up and saying something along the lines of never mind, we got plenty of copies. We’ll just erase/whiteout/cut n’ paste a few numbers and these babies are good!

BTW – We have an infinite number of re-application forms for next year, so don’t bother calling, we got it covered.

For what it’s worth, I at least think it’s the most serious he’s been yet. And I really hope he is. Eff the Super-Big-Game-in-Texas-or-wherever; Vikings-2009 was a magnificent success. 

Take that, haters/doubters/critics. Just thought I’d suit up one last time just to make sure we were all clear on who The King is.

But like all too many of my heroes in my sport of boxing, if only he’d left it at that.

But he came back, I predicted they’d win the Super &#$^, based on the fact that said-last season was a little too perfect, and that meant this was the year.

Well, we know what happened.

Week after week after week after week.

A week ago, I pick up some Sunday paper – I think it was the “Pioneer Press” – and there was a blurb suggesting he may finish it all out as a back-up in Buffalo or somewhere like that.

I wouldn’t even mind him coming back to the Vikings, if it were in the right capacity.

And if he’d come to the podium and treat it for what it is.

Which he might.

Well, ya know guys, Deanna is used to runnin’ the house her way and having me around 24/7 is more than she or any other spouse should have to take. So I just look at this as goin’ fishing or hunting. I’m not expecting or even hoping to have to start. Probably won’t even dress for most games. It’s just nice to be around these young guys and hey, if I can help out at all, why not? I love this game and who knows? Maybe the whole coaching-thing will grow on me.

Again, I just wanna be around the guys, the game, and help out if I can. Other than that, I am done as an NFL player.

And mean it.

Or he just disappears. Or he ends up doing tv/radio (which he should) or he ends up coaching the “kids back home”.

All I want is for him to be a very lucid, smart, aware, realistic.

Coming from my boxing, the odds are against him.

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