Quarterback Joe Webb and former quarterback Brett Favre have recently been spending some time together...could Favre be returning to the Vikings? 

Ok, no that's not the case. Favre will most definitely not be hitting the field for the Vikes next year, or any year, but he has been giving Vikings quarterback Joe Webb a few pointers during the lock-out.

Webb recently did an interview for his alma mater (Alabama-Birmingham) where he said he and Favre have been working on his passing game. Webb flew down to Hattiesburg, Miss, on his own dime, to take pointers from Brett Favre himself.

I have no idea why Favre was willing to help out the fairly new quarterback (Webb), it's not like he has any obligation to the Vikings. But I would be willing to bet it wasn't just a nice gesture out of the bottom of his heart. There has to be something in it for Favre, we just don't know what that is yet.