Today I learned two things.  One - timing is everything.  Two - ask and sometimes you may receive.

I just couldn't wait until this Saturday to get my hands on some of the beers that will be featured at Granite City on Tap.  So I stopped by Coborn's to take a peek around in their craft beer section.  One beer I've been really excited to try is the new seasonal offering from Third Street Brewhouse "Jack'd Up".  Imagine my disappointment when I came to find it hadn't hit the shelves at this location yet.

Here's where the "ask and sometimes you may receive" thing comes into play.  I asked the manager if he happened to have any in the back that just hadn't been stocked yet.  He said Third Street Brewhouse had just been by that day with a few bottles for them to sample.  Low and behold, one was still in his office and he let me have it!  YES!

Jack'd Up Beer
Lucy Black / Townsquare Media

Great name.  Great label.  I was truly Jack'd Up to try it.

Fall is one of my favorite seasons for specialty beers, because I love a beer with a good toasty feel to it.  I especially love the pumpkin ales that hit shelves this time of year.  Whether you are a pumpkin flavor fan or not, this is the perfect beer to try if you're going to let your taste buds explore down that avenue.

I have indulged in a number of pumpkin inspired beers over the years and I found this beer to be a well balanced mix.  It's not too sweet and the spices drum up wonderful memories of eating pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving with the family.  Nutmeg and possibly All Spice with a hint of pumpkin.  And just look at that color!

Jack'd Up Pour
Lucy Black / Townsquare Media

Make sure you put this one on your sampling list and we'll see you this Saturday at the Granite City on Tap beer festival!


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