Are you a cat lover?  Need a quiet companion? Need a pet that basically will take care of herself, except for a few obvious things?  This gal might just be the right fit for you.


Introducing "Brutus"!  First of all, don't let the name fool you - she is definitely a girl, and does respond to her name, so Brutus it is.  I'm not sure why she would be named that, but there you go.

Other things about Brutus:

She is a senior cat.  She is 12 years old.

Her adoption price is really a "name your price" type of adoption.  Especially if you are a senior or a veteran, there is always a discount on adoption fees.

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She does have some urinary crystals, which are common with older cats.  It really just means that she will have a special diet whcih is pretty easy to follow, and you will need to keep up on the litter box hygiene.

Brutus loves to be brushed.  Yes, get that - a cat that actually loves attention.That will also help to control any sort of shedding that may happen.  Keep her groomed.  She also loves to cuddle, but was not a fan of the dog in her last home. So, that might be something to keep in mind if you do also have a dog.

You can visit Brutus at the Tri-County Humane Society during regular hours, and see if she is the right pet for you.  You can contact them - info below.

735 8th Street NE
St. Cloud, MN 56304

Visit Animals

Monday - Thursday:  12 - 6:00pm
Friday:  12 - 8:00pm
Saturday:  11am - 5:00pm
Sunday:  12 - 5:00pm

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