Just imagine you are a bus driver going along with your day, nothing unusual really happening. All of a sudden you spot 2 bags on the side of the road. out of curiosity, you pull over to inspect the bags.

Photo: Lauren Wells/TSM
Photo: Lauren Wells/TSM

When you open them you discover they are stuffed full of cash. Ten thousand dollars in cash! What would you do?  Would you keep the money? Or, would you return it and build up some good karma?

Well, Gene Rochester, of LaCrosse didn't even think twice about it.  He promptly returned the lost money bags to their owner, Kwik Trip. It must have instilled some big panic in the employee that lost the bags of cash. That would be a tough one to explain.

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In this crazy year we've had, money is pretty tight for a lot of people. For some, keeping the cash would have been the thing to do. Christmas is coming, bills are piling up, etc. There are several ways many of us could rationalize keeping the new found treasure.

But not Gene, "my conscience would not have allowed me to keep the money. It would be out of my character."  To be sure, the world needs more people like Gene Rochester.  I'm sure Gene could have used an extra ten grand in cash but he did the right thing and got the money back to it's owner.

It's unknown whether Kwik Trip offered Gene any reward for returning the cash.

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