If you are like a lot of guys that are considering a vasectomy, there's a good chance you'll schedule the surgery during march Madness.

That's right, for some reason, vasectomies procedures increase about 30% during March Madness,  The theory here is that guys plan on spending a lot of time on the couch watching the games, making it a good time to recover from a vasectomy.


Well, thanks to Buffalo Wild Wings, you no longer are confined to the couch at home with a bag of frozen peas on your aching family jewels.

Now you can take your still tender, post-op nut sack to Buffalo Wild Wings and enjoy the games on a big screen, chow down on some wings and enjoy ice cold beer, all while seated in one BWW's "Jewel Stools".  This stool features a chilled sack plate to rest your boys on ice, a chilled cup holder and even a light to let the bartender know you're ready for another beer.

You might want to check our local BWW and make sure they have a Jewel Stool for ya.

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