You know what they say, "Variety is the spice of life". But is it when it comes to your relationship. Ever noticed how monogamous and monotonous sound an awful lot alike? I've known a few couples that were doing the open thing and as an outsider looking in, it seemed to work for them. To me it just seems like "Hey, you're not doing it for me so I'm


bringing in an outsider". Seems like a recipe for disaster. Do we just get tired of each other, lose the romance or desire and not want to lose the significant other entirely. So we branch out. Do both partners do it or just one?  I'm happily married and cant't quite fathom accepting my wife needing to be with someone else. On the other hand if your marriage, or whatever arrangement you are in, stagnates to the point of total boredom, is this the way to save what little is left of your relationship?  So, I ask, would you ever? Have you ever? What are your thoughts on this. -Baxter