There are certain things in our adult life, we are called upon to do. They seem like pretty simple things but a large number of adults have a difficult time mastering some of them.


There's a discussion on Reddit where people are discussing some of the difficulties they are having with some of these everyday tasks.

First one is swallowing pills. some people have a big problem with this. A little water goes a long way.

Remembering directions is another one. I happen to be geographically dyslexic and tend to go the opposite direction.

Tying a balloon was another difficult task for some.  Just takes practice.

A lot of adults have a problem with confrontation. I would plead guilty to that one.  Hate it.

Dancing?  Rarely do it.  I'm dancing inside.

Remembering people's names after being introduced has to be a problem for most people. I find, if my brain sees any reason I should remember, I usually do.

Tying a tie. Once again, just takes practice or just never wear one.

Finally, winking. I can do this but I probably look like a total idiot doing it.

Have you mastered all these thing in your adult life?.

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