Thirty years after his death, there is speculation swirling that Brad Pitt is going to be tapped to play John Lennon in an as-yet-unnamed biopic.

Apparently, Brad has signed on as producer of the project and has gained Yoko Ono's seal of approval.

Of course, this story comes from the always reliable British tabloids, and they're never wrong, right?

First of all, Brad doesn't even look like John. Yoko looks more like John than Brad does. Secondly, Brad is 47. John was 40 when he died. Third, Yoko Ono will probably score the film and I do NOT need to sit through three hours of Yoko Ono destroying John's music.

So, in conclusion, please, Brad, if you're reading this, run. Run as far away from this project as you can and don't look back. Not every biopic can be "Walk the Line", so please knock it off.