If you happen to have some tickets to see Elvis Costello and his band the Imposters at Mystic Lake Casino you will have to ask for a refund.  That show has been cancelled due to their stance on COVID vaccinations, allegedly.  

Mystic Lake Casino in Prior Lake does not require a vaccination or testing to play or attend shows at the casino.  This recently was brought up for the Jonas Brothers show. And now is being brought up for this latest show- Elvis Costello.  They could not come to an agreement, so the show at Mystic Lake has been cancelled and is now moving venues to First Avenue in Minneapolis.  The show wil be on the same night that it was scheduled for the casino; November 4th.  But if you bought tickets for that show you can request a refund.  You will need to buy a new ticket for the show at First Avenue.  Those tickets will go on sale today (Thursday) at noon.  The tickets will be priced at $60.  This is also an 18+ show.

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The official reason given was "due to unforseen circumstances between artist and venue".  Now, neither party has actually said what the issue was, but it's fairly clear that the vaccine stance would be the reason as First Avenue does require either the COVID vaccine proof or proof of a negative test within 72 hours of the show date.  Also, Costello has been requiring a vaccination to attend all of his shows. Any of the proof that you would show can be digital.  Meaning you can take a picture of your vaccine card or your negative test results on your phone.

This seems like this cfould be a trend moving forward for many venues and shows.

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