CBD is short for cannabidiol, a compound found in the hemp plant. It has no psychoactive properties, which means there is no THC to affect your brain and is becoming widely used. It allegedly has many positive uses for a variety of health problems. Our bodies are loaded with receptors and evidence shows that this oil is beneficial in regulating your body.

Some of the many things it helps with are things like anxiety, pain management, drug withdrawal, sleep problems, Parkinson's, seizures and the list goes on and on. You cannot overdose and all studies show it is totally safe to use..

Recently, I've been diagnosed with Grave's disease. Yeah, I think they could have come up with a better name. Grave's disease is a thyroid condition where your thyroid sends antibodies to certain muscles and inflames them. In my case, it's mostly my eyes. There may be a point in the future where they will recommend I nuke my thyroid with radiation. I really want to avoid this option, so I am giving CBD a try hoping it regulates my thyroid without the less appealing medical procedures. .

CBD is legal in Minnesota and available at a number of places in St Cloud. No prescription is needed. As with anything, make sure you are getting the real thing and with large percentage of the CBD compound.

I'd be interested in hearing any experiences you have had with CBD. Did it help? Any negatives to your experience with CBD. What are you using it for?

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