A few years ago, I was working a different radio station. The market I was working in had legal firework stands. They didn't sell the wimpy stuff you get at Walmart.  No sir, you could start a war with the kind of stuff they offered.


At this radio station, there was a salesperson, I won't mention her name, that was constantly bugging me about when her client's fireworks commercial was going to be done because he wanted to hear it as soon as possible.

I had a little time on my hands, so I cut a fake commercial and sent it to her. I put as plain as day,right on the commercial, "DO NOT SEND TO CLIENT".. Well, she failed to notice the warning and emailed it off to the client, only to see the warning after she hit SEND. She immediately called the client and tod him that the spot she sent was a prank. The client actually liked the prank spot but thought maybe something less scary would be better.

Listen below:

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