Park Service Issues An Odd Reminder About Bears
What do you do if you encounter a bear while walking around out in a forest?  The national Park Service has issued a not so much what to do, but what NOT to do.
According to a Facebook post by the National park Service, the #1 thing the Park Service recommends that you not do is, check…
Wood Tick 1, Kimball Woman 0
It's "game on" with wood ticks this year.  Experts saying it will be an unusually bad year for ticks. They are already out and getting thicker every day.  These sneaky little bastards can spread diseases, with the one of the biggest being Lyme Disease...
Bear Climbs into Tree Stand with Hunter (very cool video)
I have no idea who this guy is but I give him a huge amount of credit for maintaining his cool under the circumstances.
This what this hunter had to say about this crazy experience. "I was lucky enough to capture this unbelievable footage during my Saskatchewan Black Bear hunt when this sow …

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