Many snowmobilers have been beyond disappointed at this winter's offerings so they could enjoy their past time, this year mother nature did not corporate. They look forward to being able to get out and enjoy riding while they embrace the colder weather months.  

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Here’s some more disappointing news for snowmobilers, a popular brand has been placed on a product recall. 

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Polaris has recalled the “MATRYX” model snowmobiles that have the Patriot 650 and 850 engines on them. The problem with these models is that the primary drive clutch can fail causing the clutch or its components to separate from the vehicle which could cause an injury. 

If you own one of these models, Polaris urges you to stop using the snowmobile immediately, which this year probably isn’t going to be a problem.  

Owners are urged to contact Polaris and arrange to have the primary drive clutch replaced or repaired free of charge. Polaris says they are contacting all registered owners to notify them of this issue.  

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According to the Consumer Products Safety Commission, this is not the first time Polaris MATRYX models have been recalled. In May of 2023, the 2022 RMK PRO MATRYX models had an issue with the braking system which could overheat and cause burns for riders or create a fire. 

In August of 2023 the 2022 and 2023 MATRYX PRO RMK and the MATRYX RMK KHAOS models were recalled due to the handlebar hooks posing a possible puncture wound injury to the rider. 

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Then in November of 2023, the 2022 Patriot 850 MATRYX RMK Indy and Switchback models were recalled. These were recalled due to the ring gear of the primary clutch components could come loose causing a potential injury risk to riders.   

About 9,200 of the MATRYX Patriot 650 and 850 models were sold in the U.S. and another 3,800 in Canada.  

Contact your local Polaris dealer for the free repair or replacement of the primary clutch part. Or you can email Polaris at  


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