ST. CLOUD -- As another year comes to a close, medical powerhouse, CentraCare is committing to supporting change in the community and industry next year.

CentraCare held its annual "Report to the Community" discussion Wednesday morning at the River's Edge Convention Center.

This year's theme focused on how CentraCare can support and adapt to change both outside in the community and inside the company next year.

Ken Holmen is the President and CEO of CentraCare Health. He says with healthcare being a top concern, how CentraCare responds to change is one of the many keys to its success.

"Whether it's the kind of coverage, the cost, the quality outcomes, it's apart of the everyday conversation. We thought having a conversation that not only talked about the forces that impact change but how CentraCare is responding to change would be important to our patients and our communities to hear."


Over the course of this year, CentraCare has seen much financial success. Its operating revenue was at $1.27 billion, with $776 million going toward wages and benefits while $447 million went to supplies and facilities.

Holmen says this year's operating revenue shows CentraCare is successful under its roof but it's the community benefits, of $174 million, that can make the most difference.

"[Community benefits] could be for the underinsured, it could be for capital commitments, it could be in-kind donations, so they're not for-profits, UnitedWay, leadership development, educational activities and grants we do with St. Cloud State, St. Ben's, St. John's, or [St. Cloud] Technical [and Community College]."


Having another successful year, Holmen says they have to look to the future and their biggest concern is the need for more workers. Holmen says they are working with area colleges and universities to get more workers but they are also looking at the younger generation.

"We're going further and further into the younger group. We have a scrubs camp every summer for kids and high school [students]. We've worked with Career One, a workforce development, to making sure even middle school kids are getting exposure to healthcare."


CentraCare currently has over 10,000 employees and is hiring for more than 750 positions.

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