If you've ever wondered how you fit in the mix with your New Year's celebration tradition, you've got to see this interesting infographic. You may not be all that different!

Every family is different with how they celebrate. Some go out on the town, some host parties at home, and others prefer to just stay in and don't make a big deal of the ringing in of the new year. You might be surprised that central Minnesota is pretty much in line with the rest of the country with celebration plans. With evening temps near -14 degrees, there may be some that decide to stay home this year.

Wallethub posted their findings on New Year's Eve/Day habits to help people better understand and enjoy the occasion, which is the 4th most favorite holiday in the US.


Source: WalletHub

Pretty interesting stats, huh? Let's see if central Minnesota can be lower than the national average with the drunk driving fatalities and DUI arrests. If there's anything we don't want to be average about, it would certainly be that.

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