Halloween is coming up - and from the weather report, it looks like you or your kids may have to wear the dreaded winter coat over their cute costumes.  Minnesota is so strange weather-wise. You never know if you are going to need to make a costume that involves shorts and a tee, or bundle up like it's full on winter.

There have been Halloweens where it's 70 degrees, and there have also been years in the past where it's frigid.  And this one looks to be shaping up like the latter.  Highs in the 30s.

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But, we always have the music.  This morning I heard "This is Halloween" from a "Nightmare Before Christmas".  Even though it sounds kind of creepy, it's also rather catchy.

We asked the question a few days ago as to what your favorite Halloween song is.  Monster Mash had a very good showing.  Followed up by Thriller, This is Halloween and that super creepy diddy from the movie "Nightmare on Elm Street".  The nursery rhyme sounding song. I feel like we all knew this song when we were kids.  It's not just creepy it's kind of down right scary.

"1- 2 Freddy's coming for you, 3-4 better lock the door, 5-6 grab your crucifix, 7-8 better stay up late, 9-10 never sleep again".  Tell me that one doesn't send shivers up your spine.  And if it doesn't, you're a better person (and not a scaredy cat) than me.

What would you add to this list?  Addams Family theme song?  Something else?

Happy Halloween!

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