SARTELL (WJON News) -- The City of Sartell has made a decision on its solar ordinance. The city council voted to approve the solar ordinance at Monday night's council meeting by a four-to-one vote.

Jill Smith was the only member to vote against approving the ordinance. Smith thought the council should send the ordinance back to the planning commission:

"I think that we have a big decision. I don't think based on what I'm hearing any one of us is opposed to solar in general. I just, I do think it would make sense since planning commission created the ordinance we're reviewing tonight, we've now obtained public feedback, it's a good time to circle back to planning commission."

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With the council's approval of the ordinance, Solar Energy Systems will remain to be a permitted use in all zoning districts, and Solar Gardens will be allowed in all zoning districts with an approved interim permit. The ordinance also changes from conditional to interim and goes into effect immediately.

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